Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Can't Say Little Enough

Taco House
6307 San Pedro
(between Basse & Jackson-Keller)

It is, it turns out, possible for Tex-Mex food to be both spicy and bland. Don't believe it? Try the tacos de chilaquiles or tacos de huevos a la mexicana at the Taco House.

Everything we had — four kinds of tacos, and coffee — was scalding hot. The coffee was passable, but the tacos relied exclusively on quantity for any appeal they could claim. This place has been around for ages, so I guess that's enough for a good number of people.

Last city inspection: October 2011
13 demerits
The eggs must've been scrambled on a grill without fat, because they were almost completely lacking in flavour. What, then, was that oily stuff dripping from the taco? I don't know. It looked like oil, but had no taste. The texture of the tacos was alright, including the fried tortilla strips, and there was enough jalapeño in the mix to give fire to the dish ... but nothing else. The result was blandness, in both the egg-based tacos. The fajita meat was tender and plentiful but it, too, had no seasoning to speak of. The plentiful grilled onion and green pepper were alright but they didn't add enough to make the whole thing worth while. The picadillo was adequate, but it could so easily have been much better.

There is no service at the Taco House: you order at the counter and pick up your food when they call your number. There is no atmosphere, either: bare floors, minimalist décor, aging tables and lumpy bench seats: a real utilitarian setting. The prices were unremarkable, although my dining partner is convinced that he's never paid so much for a fajita taco. (The overall bill, though, was right where it should've been.)
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